Zenetta has been in the radio business since 2013, working both behind the scenes and as on air talent. She has so much love for any role in radio but especially enjoys working live events where she’s able to interact with the community. Born and raised in Syracuse, she began her career at a country radio station soon after graduating from Herkimer College in 2013. She moved to Ithaca in 2018 where she was full time on air at both a country and pop station. But the Cuse is home so she moved back to the Salt City to join the team at Cumulus Media to work as the Continuity Director. Local radio has always been important to Zenetta and she knew when she was recording intros on cassette tapes back in the day, that this is all she wanted to do.

When she is not at work, she finds any excuse to hit up music shows – both large scale and local. Bonnaroo was her honeymoon so you know she’s on top of her concert game. She is constantly searching for the best chicken riggies and loves to try craft beers of all kinds. She is an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers (Go, Pack, Go!) and the Syracuse lacrosse teams (LET’S GO ORANGE!!!). Zenetta is also obsessed with thrifting, the Aldi finds aisle, and going to waterfalls. Spending time with her family, rescue dog Izzy, and husband is also super important. Chill with Zenetta every day from 2pm until 7pm on the SGNL Syracuse.com


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